BRAVESTANDARD is an independent, high-end, top tier global investment management firm. BRAVESTANDARD is licensed & regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We are active managers of capital for institutions, accredited individuals, and advisors investing across private and public markets. Our people and partners share a greater purpose.

Our purpose is to make a positive impact to society by seeking and providing best-in-class, ethical investment solutions for our investors. We are committed to investing responsibly across asset classes. Responsible investment is a way of doing business that we believe makes us smarter and stronger investors. We strive to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into our decision-making and management practices by identifying and managing the ESG issues that we believe are most relevant to our investments. Thoughtfully managing ESG issues in our investments can help us generate stronger returns for our firm and investors, while also improving our companies’ impacts on society.

We believe that the thoughtful management of ESG issues is smart business and see it as an essential part of long-term success in a rapidly changing world. Our influence and control can vary significantly across asset classes, which is taken into account during the ESG management process. We believe that our capital, operational capabilities, and long-term ownership model position us to be part of the solution.

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