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We are Bravestandard.


BRAVESTANDARD is an independent, high-end, top tier global investment firm founded in 2006. It is an intelligence-driven asset manager for institutions, accredited individuals and advisors determined to provide outstanding long-term investment performance by offering a tailored suite of investment solutions and strategies that span different asset classes across public and private markets. BRAVESTANDARD is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

BRAVESTANDARD aims to use active strategies across discretionary, systematic and specialist investment solutions. As our company evolves, we strive to develop new investment products with global appeal and attractive returns to access new clients and to adapt to our existing clients’ changing needs. By focusing on the optimal balance of risk and reward, a differentiated premium client experience and a global network of opportunities, we seek to ensure that the success of our firm begins with the success of our clients.


BRAVESTANDARD was founded in 2006 as Stamford Management Pte Ltd to operate as a multi-family office focusing on opportunistic investment strategies and wealth management offerings for multiple families and ultra-high net worth individuals. The firm’s first product was Iridium Alpha Fund, an alpha-driven equity long-short fund focusing on the resources and commodities sector. Since inception, the firm’s mission has remained constant: to generate superior returns to its investors by allocating capital across a diverse set of investment strategies whilst maintaining a commitment to manage risks and preserve capital. In 2018, Stamford Management Pte Ltd was rebranded as Bravestandard Pte Ltd (“BRAVESTANDARD”) after being successfully acquired by its United Kingdom-based shareholders.


Our investment approach draws on utilizing proprietary partnerships, intellectual capital and leading technology with an absolute focus on risk management to express directional and relative views on investments with optimal risk/reward characteristics. Our investment approach is driven by our belief that investment activities are best conducted in collaboration rather than in isolation. We engage proprietary internal and external partners to work together to share and debate investment and trade ideas, identify and address risks, build investment tools and products, and explore new opportunities. We seek to employ a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools to uncover and unlock proprietary sources of return across global public and private markets.


We dedicate a significant share of our time to discretionary investment activities based on rigorous analysis and identification of potentially profitable global opportunities by our experienced professionals and external advisors. This approach relies primarily on selectively tailoring, aggregating and harnessing a wide network of proprietary intellectual capital to discover, capture, and unlock pricing inefficiencies across a broad array of asset classes spanning public and private markets. Our discretionary investment activities benefit from a highly disciplined process-driven investment approach that aims to isolate exclusive global opportunities while maintaining a low correlation to the broader markets. This approach allows us to optimally deploy the deep domain expertise of our investment team.


We believe in amplifying talented minds in finance with leading-edge technology and predictive analytics to identify and test new investment ideas and opportunities. We understand that a strong culture of rigorous fundamental analysis and scientific research, supported by a robust technology infrastructure, is the bedrock of a successful quantitative investment process. We demand that our traders identify statistically significant market inefficiencies through hypothesis formulation, testing, and validation based on practical knowledge of markets and advanced computational methods. We aim to bring together the art of investing with the science of finance to deliver superior investment returns to our capital partners.


We believe a vital difference between firms that succeed over the long run and those that do not is the approach towards risk management. The most important belief in our investment approach is that risk and portfolio management are not separated, that all portfolio managers must be risk managers. Risk management is a core facet of our investment process. We encourage usage of proprietary risk models, which consider both quantitative and qualitative factors, to identify investment opportunities and manage key risks across our portfolios. We manage the allocation of capital by first viewing any opportunity through the exacting prism of risk.




We seek to employ a strategy of operationally intensive, sector-focused, opportunistic capital deployments. We aim to invest in well-positioned companies with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.



We seek to bring capital to its fullest potential without regional or sector bias. We seek to generate alpha by investing in companies offering the greatest opportunity in a given time frame. We specialize in a defined coverage universe, allowing us to focus on companies in-depth.



We seek to generate alpha by investing in fixed income securities in global markets using macro and relative value strategies. We strive to detect and benefit from pricing inefficiencies in and across asset classes to generate high performing solutions.



We seek to provide alpha generating multi asset strategies through asset allocation across equity, fixed income, currency, commodities and alternative investment markets. We strive to offer a variety of balanced and multi asset strategies on various asset classes, regions, sectors, industries, currencies and securities.



We seek to pursue an efficient, absolute return approach across business cycles, with the aim of generating attractive return. We aim to deliver both highly liquid and illiquid, uncorrelated returns by using capital efficiently while mitigating risk.



We seek to employ a conservative investment approach that prioritizes capital preservation, liquidity, and investment performance. We believe in a disciplined, repeatable approach that emphasizes fundamental credit research, portfolio analytics, and portfolio risk management.

 Deal Driven Funds
Deal Driven Funds

We believe executing well-planned directly sourced deals upfront ahead of fund raising allows investors to make an informed decision before committing capital.

 Portfolio Driven Funds
Portfolio Driven Funds

We believe formulating well-constructed and consistently stress-tested portfolios upfront provides a higher chance of outperforming in good markets and protecting investors’ capital in difficult ones.

 Investor Driven Funds
Investor Driven Funds

We believe tailoring investment targets, strategies and objectives upfront allows investors to commit to a fund that specifically addresses their needs and objectives.


We believe that inefficient global capital markets offer opportunities for active management to generate superior returns.


We believe that information advantage and trend and theme recognition gained through proprietary macro and micro research are key drivers to generate superior strategies.


We believe that leadership at the research, portfolio construction, portfolio testing and portfolio management level coupled with risk management at each step will generate high conviction investing.




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